How to Make the Most of the Last Mile Delivery to Exceed Customer Expectations

We often hear that online retail sales are booming, and many people believe online shopping is the way of the future. But until we step up our retail game, specifically our last mile delivery procedures, the truth is not as straightforward and optimistic as it may appear.

Currently, 47% of Australian shoppers are moderately satisfied with the current delivery services or not satisfied at all. There is plenty of room for growth and improvement, especially from the point of view of consumers who expect more efficient delivery methods.

Who or what is the bearer of constructive feedback? It’s this 2019 report from CommBank on the last mile delivery that focuses on the Australian retail scene and is still relevant today.

What is last-mile delivery, you may ask? We’ll explain that in a minute. But first, let’s go over some pain points and wishes that many consumers have regarding delivery services, based on — but not limited to — the above-mentioned report. Afterwards, we will explore available solutions that any business can apply, including those provided by our team at SocialQ.

Make sure to read this post until the end if you want the scoop on the most effective last-mile delivery strategies!