5 Click and Collect Challenges to Expect and Tips to Overcome Them

According to the 2022 Inside Australian Online Shopping report, around 81 per cent of Australian households made online purchases via more channels than ever before. However, the volume of online shopping is expected to stabilise after the massive surge in the pandemic.

As retailers strive to offer a better customer or shipping experience, many decide to implement click-and-collect delivery. In fact, it has seen a 13.6 per cent rise in 2021!

Aussie customers enjoy the unique perks of click-and-collect. They are able to shop in the comfort of their homes and pick up the items themselves — either in-store or in other designated locations — while running errands.

By and large, this complimentary service is seen as a success story for ecommerce, but it can also pose some serious challenges for retailers, as it requires a great level of organisation.

The following are typical issues that may arise in stores using a click-and-collect shopping method:

  • Lacking technological solutions
  • Organising the workforce
  • Difficulties in substituting out-of-stock items

Ever since the lockdown in 2020, SocialQ has managed to help hundreds of retail stores optimise their click-and-collect delivery systems.

This experience allowed us to gain plenty of insight into the challenges that shop managers face when using this system — or a hybrid shopping system, in general. We have learned alongside them as we had to come up with unique solutions for specific business needs.

In this post, we'd like to share our experience and findings in the hopes that it may inspire stores with click-and-collect delivery to make the right tweaks and streamline their back-end processes.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most common issues and what you can do to overcome them.