4 Best Practice Tips For Setting Up Click and Collect Automated Storage Lockers

If you are a retail business manager who is just getting accustomed to a large franchise’s eCommerce platform or you already have a prolific activity in the industry, you may have studied the ‘click and collect’ phenomenon at some point.

After considering the various strategies and experiences of other industry players, you may have decided that a BOPIL approach (buy online, pick up in locker) would be most suitable for you.

The question you may now ask yourself or Google is, “How?”

  • How do you set up automated storage lockers?
  • How do we put them to use?
  • How do you choose the best placement area?

Though SocialQ focuses on the software behind BOPIS and queue management, we will delve into the ‘offline’ side of the business and discuss a few essential on-site details. That way, when making a decision for your brand, you will have a more rounded perspective on the click and collect process.